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  • Kajir says:
    Detonā′tion, an explosion with report; Det′onator, a detonating substance: an apparatus for the explosion of a detonating substance, as a percussion-cap.— Detonating powder, powder, such as the fulminates, which explodes easily by impact or heating, and which may .
  • Zolosho says:
    Detonate definition: If someone detonates a device such as a bomb, or if it detonates, it explodes. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  • Tojas says:
    On October 3, among the hints for experiments in the Note-Book is this, to detonate together hydrogen and oxymuriatic acid. Ton, half-ton and two-ton bombs began to detonate, fifty fathoms down. A mixture of this kind will detonate with a slight blow or friction. He then unscrewed the fuze and threw it away before it could detonate .
  • Zushicage says:
    May 15,  · “Detonate” was first played on Charli’s Instagram Live session on April 10, , also revealing that it was produced by frequent collaborator A. G. Cook. Cook later played a .
  • Fekinos says:
    Detonate definition is - to explode with sudden violence. How to use detonate in a sentence.
  • Mooguran says:
    to cause (a bomb, mine, etc) to explode or (of a bomb, mine, etc) to explode; set off or be set off Word Origin for detonate C from Latin dētonāre to thunder down, from de- + tonāre to thunder.
  • Bram says:
    Jul 20,  · Detonate -A Building Demolition and Creation Sandbox. Detonate includes realistic spreading real time fire and a variety of new projectiles such as flame thrower, exploding bullets and water hose. Detonate is a captivating and enjoyable game with spectacular looks and basic graphic/5(33).
  • Kazikus says:
    All the latest info about Detonate Events and our festivals. Buy Detonate tickets, get the latest news and lineups, check out photos and videos and more.
  • Maura says:
    ‘a trigger that can detonate nuclear weapons’ ‘If it did smash into the Earth the effect would be like detonating thousands of nuclear bombs, killing billions of people and .

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